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This is how I picture teaching and facilitation - and found a technology to support most aspects

An idea of  “Virtual facilitation and/or education”:

  1. Connecting facilitator/educators physical whiteboard to Web Conferencing’s whiteboard.
  2. Possibility to add up to three cameras which can follow a sensor placed on the facilitator/educator.
  3. Provide a facilitator/educator a multi-monitor option to see all participants by face and if a participant has raised a hand.
  4. Provide an option to add a tablet via Bluetooth to the computer as an extended feature for the class in order for the participant to view the content on the laptop and view the presenter live on the tablet or vice versa.
  5. Provide a tool for facilitator/educators to automatically divide all participants into groups and in the shown example divided by 4. Also make it possible for the facilitator/educator to add a specific time span for the exercise.
  6. Automatically create and launch a Web Conferencing breakout session for each group which has been automatically created in no. 5. If something fails there will be send an email to each group member with a direct link to the breakout session.
  7. In the breakout session add a tab where the assignment for the group work is loaded. The assignment has been provided by the facilitator/educator in advance. 
  8. Participants can raise questions to the facilitator/educator all the time via a chat function which can be public or private and if need the facilitator/educator can join a breakout session to listen in.
  9. Make it possible for the facilitator/educator to close down the session with a single click and make all participant return to the main session. 
  10. Create a shared tablet whiteboard session in group work based on the Bluetooth connection (see no. 4) which enables the participant to use a pen on the tablet to draw or write on a common whiteboard simultaneously.
  11. A social forum like WebEx Social, Yammer and Jive or similar will be the place to continue the offline dialogue about a the presented topic with links to recording, assignments, comments during the session, participant list and slide deck.

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